The Living Truth of Tahirih Qurratu’l-‘Ayn

At the beginning of her book, Starr* Saffa asserts ‘the Truth is Naked’ and society doesn’t realize how essential it is to embrace the Living Truth as humanity advances through the ascending Cycles. Saffa explains the Earth, after being ruled by a Matriarchy and a Patriarchy, is entering a ‘Holiarchy,’ a harmonious balance of the male and female principles of life. Saffa makes the case we have had a contemporary God/ess, and now a holistic revelation, which she calls a Holy Holiarchy, which mirrors the Teachings of the Spirit and the Word the Godhead introduced not long ago.
Saffa’s book reveals a hidden Truth regarding the incarnation of the Godhead on Earth, and uncovers the constructed veils obscuring the Truth at the time the new Spirit was expected by humankind. She also explains the means by which knowledge of the Truth will set humanity on the promised transformational path for which it has long awaited.
Saffa interlaces her personal journey of discovery of the Truth into her narrative about the dawning of the Essence of the Absolute. She makes it clear that her work is upholding and unfolding the divine ‘Great Plan’ of Source, which values the emancipation of women as well as their status of equality and promotes the unitarian rather than dualistic level of male and female awareness.
By utilizing colourful diagrams along with expository text, Saffa seems to harmonize her left-brain rationality with her right-brain creative inspiration, making her book a must-read for those who identify with humanity’s awakening awareness, and who are open to the startling ideas revealed by the cooperative Holiarchy.